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Experience fascination in everyday life - a design product from Bavaria.

Tissue toilet paper with gold embossing
Toilet paper core made of transparent Plexi glass
Tissue toilet paper in exclusive packaging
In the heart of the Bavarian forest, in a small village near Grafenau, a unique product of the highest quality is created, the production of which is characterized by careful and expert craftsmanship. An enrichment that adds splendor to our individual lives and arouses passionate fascination in us through its indescribable appeal.

The basic idea came to us a few years ago, which was followed by an elaborate, intensive development phase leading to final perfection. We strive to bring unmistakable beauty into our everyday lives. It is the finest toilet paper in a wide variety of colors, refined sheet by sheet into unmistakable unique pieces. Individual customer wishes regarding the color of the tissue and the embossing motif can be realized at any time. A plus point of our manufactory where YOUR wishes are our incentive.

During the finishing process, the toilet paper is wound onto a specially manufactured Plexiglas core during the embossing process. An absolute innovation in this area. Each finished roll is then wrapped with a gold or silver ribbon to match the embossing and packaged in an organza bag in a matching color. To protect the roll from damage, the tissue is packaged in an elegant box made of high-quality material and with an impressive appearance. Individual inscriptions on the lid are also possible at any time. This product is a new advertising space for your company. Whether in the luxury hotel industry, bathroom exhibitions at companies, as a tear-off "business card" at events or as a customer-binding promotional gift. We would be happy to present you with the right variant for you in a personal meeting. Appointments can be made at any time.

Another option is the use in the private sector as well as an enrichment for an unusual birthday or wedding present.

It is a product that captivates. After all, the indescribable attraction of gold or silver has a millennia-long tradition, whether it was the advanced civilization of the Maya, the early Egyptians or kings and emperors, the metal was and is seductive in its properties. Even in the construction of large churches and cathedrals, the finest gold leaf was a fundamental element in creating a devout, respectful atmosphere. It is not just a raw material, it is more, the wonderful love for the beautiful, special things in life....

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Picture Gallery_with_Toilet Paper_Gold Embossings_Silver Embossings
Picture Gallery_with_Toilet Paper_Gold Embossings_Silver Embossings
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